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We Teach an Enthusiasm for Learning & Build Self-confidence

Home Tutoring in Northport, New York

Our list of services, such as SAT prep, ACT prep, and other tutoring services, are sure to help you achieve your goals. Irene's Learning Center, ACT & SAT Prep in Northport, New York, offers home tutoring services as well as SAT prep courses.

We offer individualized or small group lessons, with our small groups having less than 10 students.

ACT and SAT Prep
Learn the best test-taking strategies! By identifying your personal strengths and weaknesses, we can offer personalized tutoring services to students.

We are the only SAT prep course which offers the study of Latin Prefixes, Roots, and Suffixes.

SAT preparation, study

The best way to reduce test anxiety is to be well-prepared. Here are some of the skills you will learn:


• Gauge Your Strengths & Weaknesses
• Sharpen Your Reasoning Abilities
• Reduce Test-Taking Anxieties
• Help Identify Courses to Take in College

• Build Test Familiarity & Increase Confidence
• Learn How to Write Proper College Essays
• Get Enrolled in the College of Your Choice

High School Tutoring
We can help you improve in all subjects. All of our teachers are high school certified. Get some friends together and form a group for a discounted rate! Here are some of the subjects we can help you in:


• Biology
• Chemistry
• English
• French
• Geometry
• German
• Pre-Calculus
• Physics
• Spanish
• Statistics
• Trigonometry
• Hebrew
• Italian
• Latin
• Integrated Algebra
• Algebra / Algebra 2 / Trig
• Earth Science
• Calculus AB, Calculus BC
• Global Studies
• US History and Government
• Study skills and SA writing

Junior High Tutoring
Improve your grades and learn to love learning! We teach enthusiasm for learning. We also help children that have special needs. Here are some of the services we offer:


• Improve Comprehension Skills
• Enhance Concentration Skills
• Learn Effective Study Skills
• Develop Outlining Skills
• Improve Middle School Grades
• Any Project in Any Subject

• Prepare for English & Math State Exams
• Prep with Certified & Experienced Teachers
• Assistance with Science
• Overcome Any Learning Disability
• Build Self-Confidence

Pre-Kindergarten through 6th grade:
Learning starts young. Give your child the best educational habits early. Here are some of the services
we offer:


• Homework Help
• Develop Computer Skills
• Prepare for Terra Nova Tests
• Enhance Concentration Skills
• Behavior Modification
• Build Self-Confidence
• Any Project in Any Subject
• Work with Primary Grade Specialist & Experts
• Improve Phonics & Comprehension Skills
• Learn Elementary French, Spanish, Italian
• Prepare for Math & English State Exams
• Learn Effective Study Skills
• Assistance with Science

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