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About Irene's Learning Center & Irene

Irene's Learning Center has been assisting students from Pre-K through college in all subjects. Irene's Learning Center works with children with special needs-ADHD, Autism and Aspergers. We teach and help students to achieve educational success.  Irene believes success for her students is achieved with individual attention and small class sizes to help reduce anxiety levels. Academic Goals are easier to reach once Irene's Learning Center's staff evaluates and creates a specific plan individualized for each student. As educational requirements become more complex, she maintains the latest teaching tools and incorporates:

Common Core Methods for the
Common Core Curricula.  

Irene's Learning Center entails individual and/or small groups.

By evaluating each student individually and identifying his strengths and weaknesses,
Irene will develop a unique plan.

When you are tutored at Irene's Learning Center... You will see Positive Results!

College Prep, High School Honors Subjects and AP Class Tutoring

Are you taking an AP level course in high school? Having any difficulty?
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Wouldn't it be great to score well enough on your SAT or ACT the first time around? Irene's Learning Center's SAT/ACT Prep in Northport, New York offers tutoring in SAT and ACT and also instructs students with the best Strategies.  Also, Irene's Learning Center will help you with SAT II's in all subjects. We also offer help with IB Courses and AP Exams. read more

Individual or Small Group Instruction

Irene's Learning Center offers individual and small group sessions. *Students maximize their strengths and overcome their weaknesses!*

Remember, we are the ONLY SAT Prep which teaches Latin Prefixes, Roots and Suffixes.
We have authentic tests
to study from.

Our schedules are flexible weekdays, evening and weekend sessions. 
We are open 7 days a week! read more

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What others are saying about Irene's Learning Center

"Perfect Score on SAT"

"As a result of my son's hard work and your years of experience, my son earned a perfect score of 800 on the Critical Reading section and a 760 out of 800 on the writing section. Your style of teaching is knowledgeable, patient and caring. I recommend Irene's Learning Center for SAT preparation without reservation. I thank you!"

- Mrs. Lisa B.

Makes Learning Fun

The environment and tools you both offered taught me useful study tips and strategies that I will take with me. The enthusiasm and  interest shown in the SAT classes is contagious. I was given their absolute attention and as a result every aspect of my test-taking abilities improved. The research that they put  into their methods guarantees results!

- Anthony T.