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We are the "College Search Consultants" at Irene's Learning Center.
We help you find the right University or College that has your desired Major.  

DON'T PANIC! Our services are aimed to make the college application process as painless as possible.  Whether trying to decide which schools to apply to or whether you need assistance with writing college entrance essays, we are here to reduce your stress.  We will guide you in preparing for the "Collegiate Interview" by identifing your interests, your strengths and what you can offer the college as an incoming student.


Below are some colleges that our previous students have been accepted to:

• Adelphi University • Duke University • Penn State • SUNY at New Paltz • University of Rhode Island
• Bentley College • Fairfield University • Princeton University • SUNY at Oswego • University of North Carolina
• Boston College • Fordham University • St. John's University • SUNY at Plattsburgh • University of South Carolina
• Boston University • Harvard University • SUNY at Albany • University of Connecticut • University of Tennessee
• Brandeis Univeristy • Loyola University • SUNY at Buffalo • University of Delaware • University of Texas
• C.W. Post • Marist College • SUNY at Corland • University of Maryland • University of Toronto
• Columbia University • New York Univeristy • SUNY at Geneseo • University of Pennsylvania • And So Many More!

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What others are saying about Irene's Learning Center

"Perfect Score on SAT"  

"As a result of my son's hard work and your years of experience, my son earned a perfect score of 800 on the Critical Reading section and a 760 out of 800 on the writing section. Your style of teaching is knowledgeable, patient and caring. I recommend Irene's Learning Center for SAT preparation without reservation. I thank you!"

- Mrs. Lisa B.

Makes Learning Fun  

The environment and tools you both offered taught me useful study tips and strategies that I will take with me. The enthusiasm and interest shown in the SAT classes is contagious. I was given their absolute attention and as a result every aspect of my test-taking abilities improved. The research that they put into their methods guarantees results!

- Anthony T.